Justice Library

The library is closed because of COVID-19. There is all this education that needs to happen about justice, racism, anti-racism, and learning about the black experience in America. Lists of books are popping up on the internet, but who can afford to purchase ALL these books? And even if someone could isn’t it better to build a community through shared investment?

Solution: Justice Library

Setting up places around Saginaw MI to borrow books on social justice. The idea is to read and return the books so others can learn too. This is an experiment and coming together quickly so there may be changes and alterations along the way. Honestly, it may not even work, but trying is a start. Your patience is appreciated.

Where to find a Justice Library

We’re still in the process of identifying locations for the libraries. If you would like one at a location near you please use the form below to reach out.

The Justice Library is located outside in front of the Saginaw Art Museum.

How to help

If you would like to be a part of this project here are three ways you can help

  1. Be a builder. Build a little library
  2. Host a Justice Library
  3. Contribute Books
    • Please consider using minority owned or independent book sellers. Justice Library has a special love for Leopard Print Books. You can also find minority owned sellers through this LINK. https://aalbc.com/bookstores/
    • Books can be sent to Thor Rasmussen PO Box 6685 Saginaw, MI 48608 or we can make pick up arrangements if you are local to the GLBR.
  4. Other Wish List items
    1. Graphic Designer for Logo for stamping books
    2. I’m sure there will be more needs that come up.
  5. You can use the form below to sign up for the eMail list and get updates about progress!

Google search for books about race