Justice Library: Community Read

The Justice Library is without a doubt a physical space (small as it may be), but more than that, the concept and goal of the library is to connect the community and provide education through the exchange of ideas and experiences related to racism. To that end, we’ve been working  with the The Community Writing Center, Ezekiel Project, Public Libraries of Saginaw, Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum and Leopard Print Books to put together a community read. A community read is where everyone in the community reads the same book and then gets together in groups to discuss.

In this age of COVID-19 what the community read looks like is still a work in progress, but we are moving toward book selection and this is where you can help. We want your help selecting the book we will be reading. Use the link below to cast your vote and look for more information soon!


Click the links below to learn more about each title!

The Library is Open!

The Justice Library is now active! It’s been a wonderful week for this project.

Ken and Michele generously donated the library. A marking stamp arrived, and there are books ready to be ‘checked out’!

This project would have fallen flat without the many people who got behind the idea. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed ideas, books, encouragement, and wise council. I am hopeful to steward this space well and so it can serve as a place for growing our community. Looking forward to what’s ahead!

You can find the library outside the Saginaw Art Museum located at 1126 N. Michigan Ave. Saginaw, MI 48602

How to Start A library.

Get some books

Get some place to put the books

Invite people to borrow and return the books

For the record. I have exactly zero experience in library science and I am likely going about this all wrong. What I do have is an idea and belief that the best way to combat inaction is to take action. In the past week or so since America started to come to grips with racism collectively lists of books about racism and the black experience started popping up into my news feed. “Top Ten Books On Race” or “30 Books that will help your kids learn about blacks” (I’m making these up but you get the idea). Along with a cry for people to educate themselves about racism and anti-racism. These are well and good, but what if I don’t have any money to buy books? Well in that case I go to the library

But what if we are in the middle of a pandemic and the library is closed?

Well I’m going start my own library

The more I can do to remove excuses for ignorance (my own included) the better.

This library may fail, but it must be attempted.