My poem is about a young girl in her late 20’s alone looking down at her grandfather’s
tombstone reflecting on the good times they have had in the past and while thinking back was ruminating why
her grandfather did not tell anyone how hurt and lonely he had been recently before passing. By the end of
poem the narrator (the young girl) had just realized why her grandfather was so alone and scared.

I stare down at my grandpa’s cracked, run down tombstone.
Thunder rolls, lightning crackles, silence follows.
Then, sunshine………

Grandpa, why didn’t you tell me that you were alone and scared?

I thought that you were the perfect grandpa.
You helped me with my college algebra.
You let me win at checkers and chess.
I especially loved fishing with you every summer on the Saginaw Bay.
Rain or shine.

The sound of laughter jolted me out of my reflections.
I look around to see children jumping rope and playing tag.
Birds chirped their songs amongst a blue and cloudless sky.
They had no worries.

I remembered I said goodbye to you not too long ago.
The sun shined brightly.
After a day of disheartening conversation.
It was your 50th wedding anniversary but Grandma has been dead…
For eight long years.